Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas Inquiry Unit

We have been working collaboratively as part of our Christmas Inquiry Unit.  Our goal is to explore Christmas crafts and to produce a good range of items for our Santa's Workshop next week.  We'll be donating our profits to the Hutt Hamper Elves.

Here we are mid-production mode!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Guest artist - Glen Jorna

We've had a surprise visitor today in Room 7 - Glen Jorna, artist and teacher.  Glen was so taken by our calendar art that he came to look at the finished work, and share some of his own pieces. 

We were very fortunate that he talked through his process, and we were able to ask lots of questions about his art and influences.  Thanks Glen!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Secret Backdrop Project!!

Ms Salisbury and the art ambassadors have been working away on the backdrop (well actually, front drop) for our school performance.  Ella's Dad, Jason has cut the board to the correct sizes.  We did two coats of underpainting, and now we are working on the fun part!.  It's under lock and key, but here's a sneak peak....

We had the pleasure of Christine (Briar's mum) helping on Wednesday.  Thanks so much Christine!

Room 7 & 16's Performance Rehearsals

We've been busy bees rehearsing for our end of term performance - here we are with Room 16 dancing to our tunes...

We are learning to listen and move in time to the music and work with others.  So much fun!
Next step - costumes!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

ERAT Learning

ERAT - Educating Residents About Trapping

Today we had a visit from Sally Bain, who came to chat to us about ERAT.  Sally is involved in the project that she hopes will achieve sustainable predator control within the residential areas of Eastbourne, from Point Howard all the way to Burdans Gate and including the foreshore.

It is hoped that a 'trap line' (working with residents) will greatly diminish pests such as rats, mustelids (e.g. stoats and weasels) and hedgehogs, which will in turn help the survival of many of our native species such as lizards and ground-nesting penguins and dotterels, who have had to cope with so much habitat destruction and disturbance already.

The traps are for the pests...not your fingers...

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Term 3 Syndicate Newsletter

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Kia Ora Koutou!

We are halfway through the year already! Hopefully you have enjoyed the ‘winter’ break, albeit a little cold.  It was awesome to see so many families attending the ‘Celebration of Learning’ afternoon/evening at the end of Term 2.  It may have been quite a different experience as the students are now using a range of tools such as google drive, class blogs and the online portfolio ‘SeeSaw’ to share their learning as well as the good old school books.  The students really enjoyed showcasing their efforts and progress over the past two terms.

The mid term reports are due to come home at the end of week 2 of this term.  The teachers have worked hard to give you some up to date information about your child’s progress so far this year.  The format for the mid term reports is new and has been created with feedback from staff and the community.  If you have any further questions about your child’s progress please contact the classroom teacher.

Term 3 is going to be very exciting as the ‘Arts’ takes centre stage, with our school production, ‘Living the Change’, in week 10 as a major focus. More information about the production is coming soon.  As usual, Term 3 is set to be a busy one.  Below is a rundown of the term’s topics of learning.

Term 3:

Our Values…
This term we will be exploring our NEW school values; ‘We are Explorers’, ‘We are Connectors’ and ‘We are Contributors’.  We encourage you to discuss these values with your child and talk about how they have or will demonstrate them during their day at school. 

In Literacy…
We will have a major writing focus around speeches in the first half of this term.  The students will also be learning about non-chronological report writing through the second half of the term. Our reading lessons will continue to focus on developing comprehension skills and will also be linked to our writing and inquiry topic, as much as possible.

In Numeracy…
We are focusing on problem solving strategies in fractions, proportions and ratios.  There may be some reviewing of other problem solving strategies as well.  We will also be looking at aspects of statistics. Prototec Basic Fact Maths ( and Prodigy Maths ( are to be used as a way to practice maths knowledge at home. Please encourage your child to use these tools, especially Prototec Basic Fact Maths.

In term 3 there will be two ‘Learning Hubs’ during maths (focusing on fractions, proportions and ratios problem solving strategies).  Room 15 & 16 will be working closely together as well as Room 7 & 8 working together.  We feel that this collaborative teaching/learning style and greater student agency will improve the outcomes for our students.  It also allows for greater flexibility (week to week) to ensure that all students receive more quality ‘teaching time’ with a teacher. 

Our Inquiry…
This term’s BIG IDEA for our inquiry is: To have a positive outcome we need to explore the effect of our connections and contributions.

The concept: Sustainability - Learning to think and act in ways that safeguard the well-being of people and the planet.

Key Understandings:
We explore the consequences of our actions on the world and the alternatives
We explore the connections we make with others
We make connections between our decisions and their impact on our future
We make connections between the effects we observe and their causes
We contribute through our actions to a better future

*Room 7 & 16 will be focusing on the sustainability issue of ‘Waste’
*Room 8 & 15 will be focusing on the sustainability issue of ‘Food’

If you have a passion, interest or expertise in any of the areas above that you could share with the students we would love to have you come in. Please make contact with the classroom teachers if you are able to come in and talk to the students.

In Physical Education…
This term our physical education programme will be focused on the skills associated with basketball.  We will have an external facilitator running an 8 week programme in our school.  Please ensure your child wears suitable clothing to ensure they can participate in each session.  We will also be doing Jump Jam as part of our daily fitness programme.

Dates to remember…

Thursday 2nd August - Y5/6 Sports exchange (rugby & soccer) with Wellesley
Tuesday 7th August - Y5/6 South East Zone Floorball tournament
Thursday 23rd August - Y4-8 South East Zone Swimming Sports
Monday 17th September - Art Splash Choir performance
Thursday 20th September - Inter Zone Swimming Sports
Monday 24th September - Thursday 27th September - School Production week

*Important Reminders…

It’s a really good time to check that your child has all of the ‘tools’ they need for learning e.g. pencils, pens, rulers etc.

Homework will be given out each and is due back in on Friday.  The focuses for homework are the basics: reading, spelling and maths with some extra tasks as well.  Each class may have a slightly different focus for their extra home learning tasks. 

Syndicate Assemblies
In term 3 we will continue to have ‘informal’ syndicate assemblies each week where the students will receive important notices or messages.   

Class Blogs and SeeSaw
The class blogs and SeeSaw are great ways for you to capture a ‘glimpse’ of what is going on in/outside of the classroom.  We encourage you to visit often!  We would also like to see more commenting on the posts that are made, as it is a great way for the students to reflect and for them to have an authentic audience.

If you have any concerns or worries please contact your child’s teacher via email.

Mauri ora! Kia ora!
The Kererū team,
Mr. Deane McKay (Y5-6 Associate Principal)
Mr. Anton Norman
Ms. Kate Salisbury
Miss Stephanie Lamborn
Mrs. Hayley Crawford (Release teacher)

Speech Writing this term

Persuasive speech writing - Sustainability

We've begun our investigation into persuasive writing, and research based on our inquiry topic - sustainability.

Check out one of the most famous speeches of all time:
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech

Here are a few persuasive speeches:
Dear Future Generations - Sorry
Leonardo DiCaprio's Powerful Climate Summit Speech
How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President
Joshua Iosefo's Inspiring Speech - Brown Brother
Persuasive Speech Middle School
Kids 4 Our World Speech

Some resources to help you out:
How to Write a Persuasive Speech
Persuasive Speech Topics - Environmental Focus

Learning Intention
I will know and understand how to write a persuasive speech (about a sustainability issue). By the end of the unit I will have worked and reworked (by using feedback given and self editing) on the structure of a speech.

Success Criteria:
Students will:
  • Speak clearly so an audience can hear all that is said.
  • Include a pepeha at the beginning of the speech to identify who they are in Te Ao Māori
  • Maintain the interest of their audience by speaking slowly and carefully, trying to use their voice effectively by varying the speed, pitch and pace of delivery and using gestures.
  • Become familiar with their material and use eye contact with their audience.

Speeches – Content Criteria
  • Introduction—does it grab your audience’s attention?
  • Have you included main ideas and expanded on them?
  • Is your language effective?
  • Does your speech show your original thought?
  • Have you sequenced your ideas logically?
  • Is your conclusion—effective / satisfying / thought provoking?
  • Does your speech persuade the audience?

The timeline...

Week 1
  • Start thinking about a speech topic. 
  • Research and gather information. Check you have enough material to help you write a quality speech.  
  • Write the main ideas, incorporating research (completed in class) – teacher to give feedback on this.

Weeks 2 and 3

  • Add content and start to work on delivery/presentation of speech.  
  • Hand in the body of your speech for feedback.  
  • Rework content to make their speech better.  
  • Complete the introduction. 
  • If ‘slides’/props are being used, you need to get these sorted and ready for use. 
  • Final preparation - Put the speech on cue cards if necessary.  
  • Practice in front of a mirror and in front of your family.  You should have practiced your speech at least 10 times out loud.

Week 4
Deliver your speech in your own class.  Teachers and Students assess/mark using marking guide.

Week 5
Chosen students to deliver their speech to the syndicate.  Teachers assess/mark using marking guide (2 Year 5s and 2 Year 6s per class).

Week 6
Speech finals with Guest judges

Christmas Inquiry Unit

We have been working collaboratively as part of our Christmas Inquiry Unit.  Our goal is to explore Christmas crafts and to produce a good r...